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  1. Assention...(Whitfield Vocal) (If you enjoy this music, download it now & thank you!) 7:45
  2. "Piano In Heaven" (Whitfield Piano Solo) 5:58
  3. "Miracles" (Whitfield Electric Guitar Solo) Reverend Lon Calvin Whitfield 6:19
  4. "Go With The Flow" (Whitfield Acoustic Guitar Solo) 5:01
  5. "Instruments Of Praise" (Whitfield Bass Guitar Solo) 3:34
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My Releases

“Reverend Th.D. D.D.” Lon Calvin Whitfield is a respected singer/musician/recording artist that has performed nationally and internationally on the same stage with Sting, Elton John, The Black-Eyed Peas, Boys to Men, The Winans Family, The Hawkins Family,  Sissy Houston, and many more.

Reverend Lon Calvin Whitfield is the author and creator of the podcast “Redemption of Manhood”.  This weekly broadcast centers on the issues and concerns of men and how we can become better men by embracing the love of God in the person of Jesus Christ.

Reverend Lon Calvin Whitfield has created the only genuine Christian matrimonial website called “Blessings”.  This is a “ministry” site where people who are interested in finding a mate can go and meet people who are interested in the same.  The focus is embracing meeting a “life partner in marriage” God’s way.

Latest News

Lon Calvin Whitfield is the founder of the organization “Positive Change Social Services” which has been supplying food to disadvantaged families for the last 15 years.  Positive Change focuses on assisting these families with social services assistance to identify critical assistance in the areas of housing, healthcare, domestic issues as well as legal representation.

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